Online Ballet Barre Training and Certification – $199

A total body workout that combines the fundamentals of ballet with cardio and strength training. The ballet barre is used to support the body in both static and dynamic movement, which leads to long, lean muscles. The cardio revs up your metabolic rate for an increased calorie burn, and the strength training tones and tightens. This hybrid workout burns fat and produces perky booties, toned arms, lean thighs, and flat abs. The end result is a leaner more graceful body that has been toned and tightened in all the right areas. Ballerobica® classes are set to inspiring music and follow a vigorous pace moving through specific exercise sequences designed to shape and lift the entire body. Immediately following each sequence the target muscle group is stretch thoroughly to elongate and lengthen the muscle. This technique allows you to work and strengthen your muscles without the bulk. Not only will you achieve a longer, leaner look, but you will also gain increased flexibility.

Ballerobica®  Online Ballet Barre Training Course consists of:

  • Downloadable Ballerobica® Instructor Training Manual
  • 3 – Basic Ballerobica® class layouts
  • Introduction to Basic Ballet and Ballet Terminology
  • Exam Outline
  • Access to On-Line Exam
  • Streaming Access to:
  • Ballerobica® Introduction to Ballet Video
  • Beginning Ballet Barre Workout
  • Ballerobica® Main Workout
  • 3 Instructional Training Videos

The strongly preferred, but not necessary pre-requisites for Ballerobica® certification are the following:

  • Pilates Mat Certification
  • Primary Group Fitness Certification
  • Personal Trainer
  • Yoga Certification
  • Accredited Dance Instructor

If you don't have any of the above, but have extensive dance/fitness background, please contact us and we can help you determine if Ballerobica® will be a good fit for you.

What happens after I Complete the Ballerobica® Certification Study Materials?

Submission of Written Exam (Online)

  1. ​A link to the written exam will be available in your Members Area
  2. The exam will consist of 25 questions chosen at random directly from the Manual and downloadable training materials
  3. You will only have access to take the test and receive a passing grade of 80% once free of charge. If you need to take the test again, additional tests can be purchased for $10 per exam.

Submission of Practical Exam (Online)

  1. ​Submit your Practical Exam via DVD to our Home Studio for review or Upload to our private servers.
  2. The Practical Exam will require you to teach and video a Ballerobica® class to current students, friends, or family (see Practical Exam Requirements for additional information)
  3. Please allow up to 2 weeks to review your submission. Your will be notified of a passing or failing grade via US Postal Service. You will also receive your Certificate (if applicable) and a copy of your evaluation sheet for your records. Originals will be kept at the Ballerobica® Head Quarters along with your submission video if applicable.

Upon receiving your certification, you will have access to the growing community of Ballerobica®, enabling you to share information and have continuing support. Frequent updates, new combinations, and new toning options will be made available, allowing you to sustain class motivation and remain on the cutting-edge of group fitness. Also, annual master classes are a great way to add to your knowledge base and mingle with fellow Ballerobica® instructors. You will also receive access to business cards template, logo template and marketing material to use with your clients.

All instructors will receive a certificate of completion and cannot teach Ballerobica® until they have received it. Upon receiving your certification, you may teach Ballerobica® classes anywhere without licensing fees. A $99 yearly fee will be charged on the anniversary of your purchase of the Ballerobica® Certification. This fee will keep you as an active member of the Ballerobica® community and will refer potential clients in your area to take your classes. Online Ballet Barre Training and Certification is easy and it is designed for all.